Connect 4? NO! Connect 3 – RELAY!

Have you played connect 4?  Well, today we played connect 3 in PE and we added in a relay element! It was AMAZING!   Well done to both teams – you kept going until the very end!  

Save the last dance!

This week we had our final dance session with Delene.   We performed our own African inspired dances with musical accompaniment using instruments we made for our home learning project earlier in the year.


Hi everyone, This week, we’ll be giving out some handwriting booklets to take home over the holiday.  Handwriting (as well as spelling) will be a focus next term so use the booklet to practice, practice, practice to get a headstart for when we come back!

Planting Parsley

Today we went out into the garden, on the second beautiful day of spring, and planted some parsley! Can you remember what we need to remember when we’re planting seeds?  What do plants need to grow?   What sort of plant is parsley? Can you think of the names of any other plants with really…

Dance with Delene

This week we had our penultimate dance session with Delene.  It has been wonderful seeing everyone develop new skills and incredible focus.  We finished off planning and creating our own phrases and I can’t wait to see the final result next week!  

Monstrously fun bookmarks

Yesterday afternoon, as a celebration of our wonderful teamwork and positive attitude to learning this week, we made some scary book eating monsters! These will help us make sure we don’t forget what page we were on of our beautiful new library books! Can you spot yours?!

Year 3 Spelling Words

Hi Everyone,   I have spoken to many parents (and children) in parents’ evening meetings about spelling.  I have have found the list of spelling words which are expected to be learnt by children in year 3/4.   These words are very tricky and therefore need a lot of practicing.  These are the words which…

Parents’ Evening Appointments

I am aware that a few parents are unsure of their appointment times for parents’ evening next week.  I have attached a (not very pretty) copy of the timetable. Please be careful to check the day of the appointment at the top of each copy. See you next week!

African Dance with Delene

This term, we have been doing dance in PE with Delene (Rambert Dance Company). We have been learning to dance in unison as a community as well as create and teach our own dance phrases.  

Home Learning W/C 8th Feb

Here is your home learning for the week!   Apologies for the lack of posts in the last weeks – we’ll make sure this doesn’t happen regularly!   Have a wonderful weekend!   Mr Cannock

Lights, camera, ACTION!

This term in computing we have been becoming film makers! So far we have learnt all about the history of films and we have moved on to capturing still images using a range of camera angles. Have a look at some of the stills we captured.  At home, have a go at using the angles…

Home Learning: Week Commencing 18/01/2016

Happy Friday! It’s Home Learning time! Here it is, just in case you didn’t get a sheet or can’t find your book! Have a wonderful weekend you Chuzzers!   Homework week 3  Handwriting Week 3 Source: Homework W.B. 18/01/2016